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Caprese Quesadillas

I love Quesadillas and I love Italy so how could I resist blending the two of the culinary greats! These are awesome, they take less than 10minutes to knock together and are hugely satisfying when you’re looking a quick snack or lunch fix. The gooey,…


Easy 5 Minute Hummus

Hummus is my go-to snack, when I’m craving something quick but healthy(ish). My creamy, garlicy hummus will always be at the top of this list. I love making it because it is so quick, tastes really fresh and requires very few ingredients. Granted these ingredients…

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Healthy Coconut Waffles

Okay so who doesn’t waffles that don’t make you fat! These waffles are made from coconut milk & sugar and are a delight and you won’t know the difference. Enjoy! 250 g plain flour 1 Tsp. Baking Powder 25g Coconut Sugar 1 Tsp. Sea Salt…