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Genovese Pesto

Pesto comes from the Italian verb ‘Pestare’ which means to crush, which tells you everything you need to know – this green beauty needs to be prepared the traditional way in a pestle & mortar – sorry folks but you just won’t get the same result in a food processor! Italians put a lot of love & time into their food so you need to do the same for the best result!



Quickly rinse the Basil in a bowl of Ice-cold water and then pat dry on a tea towel. Peel the Garlic Cloves and add these to your pestle & mortar along with the Sea Salt Flakes and pound until they are crushed. Remove the Basil leaves from the stems and add a few leaves at a time and pound them along with the salty Garlic mix. Once the Basil Oils get released and all the leaves have been crushed into a thick paste add in the Toasted Pinenuts a little at a time and continue to pound it all together. At this stage it will become a little thick, but that’s ok keep going until they are all crushed. Next add in the grated parmesan a few Tablespoons at a time while you keep pounding it together. If it has become too thick just add a little drizzle of the Olive Oil to loosen up the mixture so you can pound it until it all comes together into a thick gloriously green paste. Finally add in the grated Pecorino Cheese, pound it together and then add in the remaining Olive Oil and give it a mix.

Serve this dreamy Pesto in a number of ways – stirred through warm Pasta, add a little to Focaccia dough to create a Pesto infused Bread, drizzle over a Tomato Salad or just simply use as a delicious Dip!


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