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Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Georgie and I LOVE all things food. It marks most occasions and life events in some way for me – family celebrations where a bake off will almost certainly be on the cards, travelling the world to seek out culinary sensational overloads, a night out being wined & dined or just being in my kitchen; my favourite place at home and working those creative muscles.

Food means so much to so many people and I think it is a great equaliser for all. I’ve been told a lot over the years that I should share my passion and so now I have!

So, what can you expect from this blog? Well why don’t I lay out some ground rules that will always be a constant;

⦁ All my recipes will use fresh, high quality & accessible ingredients.

⦁ You will learn how to flex those taste buds; I’ll give all the       measurements, but I cook from the gut and you will learn to too!

⦁ There will be a mixture of culinary styles ranging from across the world.

⦁ It will be fun, simple & taste amazing!!

I’m very fortunate to have had a lot of different cultural influences through my life particularly from a European, South & Central American and South East Asian perspective and I try to draw from these to make a fusion style of cooking.

My biggest belief is that food can be the centrifugal force for you in whatever your direction of travel is – from eating yourself into shape, nurturing yourself back to health, fuelling yourself for a power hour, passing on family secrets to the next generation, opening your home to friends, family and loved ones or escaping the world and taking a few precious moments for yourself – my goal is to give you some inspiration to realise whatever that could be.

I really want this to be authentic to me and I must confess I’m not a social media guru or have any photographic prowess but I’m hoping that can be part of the fun for me to learn as I go along and hopefully I’ll get some tips & feedback from you!

I suppose one of the questions you could ask is ‘why do we need yet another food blog?’ and my answer will always be ‘well why not?!’. I take so much inspiration from all the amazing bloggers, chefs, tv cooks that are out there in the world and if I can inspire just one person to start their culinary voyage then this will have been well worth it.

Right that’s enough from me!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed pulling it all together.

Please reach out to me for questions, feedback and thoughts.
Happy cooking!